Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Uncertainly Certain

There has been a hint of uncertainty in the air lately, and it's never felt better--of this I am certain.
I'm finding that the more I approach life with a curious attitude, the more things just work.
Even if it first it seems like they don't.

I'm learning to embrace uncertainty. 
Because NOTHING is certain anyway. 
You just think it is because you're afraid of the alternative.

Afraid of YOUR LIFE. 

Don't be afraid.
Embrace it. 

Give Up

Things have been falling into place.
And I'm not even trying.
But I think that's why it's happening. 

Give up

Stop resisting what's in front of you. 

Your LIFE is waiting. 

There's nothing to find.
It's already here

Sunday, February 27, 2011



Every aspect.
No exceptions. 
Feel it.
Live it.
Breathe it.


The Box

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step outside of the box?
To break free from what you do every day of your life?

Have you ever noticed how the box is all in your mind?
Have you ever noticed how everything is all in your mind?

 Move beyond fear. 

Break free from the mind, break free from the box.


I've been confused.
But within that confusion I've never been clearer.
The only reason I think I'm confused is because what's been showing up in my life isn't what I thought it would be.
It doesn't meet the standards my mind has created for myself.
And that can be confusing because what I THINK I SHOULD be doing isn't what I WANT to do.
But none of that matters.
All that matters is that I see it for what it really is and follow it.

It makes me nervous.
But it's that kind of excited nervous you get right before you go on a roller coaster.
I think you should always follow that feeling.
It means there's risk and excitement and unknown.
There's vulnerability. 
It makes you feel something.
And that's always worth following.
I'm finding out that it's one hell of a ride.

Whatever makes you nervous...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just Jump

I've been toying with this idea of trust lately. The word alone brings up a lot of feeling. For a lot of people, it comes with fear and anxiety. TRUSTING is never easy. The thought of it is scary. It makes you vulnerable...which is exactly what you need.

Vulnerability means space.
It's like a feeling of "Ok, here I am...do what you want with me."
It's a recognition that something is out of your control.

But there's something that I've been noticing more and more on a deeper level than just understanding. I FEEL it.

There is no control.

Everything I do seems to be accompanied by a feeling of vulnerability lately...a recognition that whatever happens is out of my control.

I put forth effort, and let go of the rest. TRUST the rest.

It feels like jumping off of something really high. The second you jump off, you're trusting something will catch you. You're becoming vulnerable. And if you think about it, it's during these times that you feel most alive.

The jump is the effort. The fall is the trust.

There is something about letting go of the idea that you have control, surrendering to the fact that you don't, and trusting in what the Universe has in store for you that makes you feel free. You feel more at-ease.

It happens in everyday life. The moment you get in the elevator or get in your car, you're trusting something. The moment you follow your gut and quit you job or walk in a classroom to take a test, you're trusting. You're allowing yourself to be vulnerable, to be open.

You do what you do, and trust the rest.
Because really, you have NO IDEA about what's going to happen.


Under NO circumstances.

So just jump.
Because you never really know what can happen.

Let go.

That's all it takes.

And through that I have never felt more nervous, yet excited, about my LIFE.

And through THAT, I have never felt more alive.

Go With It

I think there's something that can be said about people's passions. A lot of people keep their passions as their hobbies.


That's something I don't understand. You often hear "oh I work in a cubical, but my real passion is photography."

So you sit in your cubical.

Just trying to get by.

Why not follow your passion instead? Why not go with where your energies are flowing? Why not follow the thing that makes you excited about your LIFE?

There's always fear behind answers to those questions, like it wont pay the bills or it's not "secure" enough.

Life isn't secure. 
Security is nothing but a blanket of false ideas.
(just like everything else) 

I've been noticing opportunity follows those who follows their passions.

When you finally start moving WITH life, rather than AGAINST it, all of a sudden things fall into place.

Go with the flow.  
Go with where you're being MOVED.

Everything else will follow.