Sunday, February 20, 2011

Go With It

I think there's something that can be said about people's passions. A lot of people keep their passions as their hobbies.


That's something I don't understand. You often hear "oh I work in a cubical, but my real passion is photography."

So you sit in your cubical.

Just trying to get by.

Why not follow your passion instead? Why not go with where your energies are flowing? Why not follow the thing that makes you excited about your LIFE?

There's always fear behind answers to those questions, like it wont pay the bills or it's not "secure" enough.

Life isn't secure. 
Security is nothing but a blanket of false ideas.
(just like everything else) 

I've been noticing opportunity follows those who follows their passions.

When you finally start moving WITH life, rather than AGAINST it, all of a sudden things fall into place.

Go with the flow.  
Go with where you're being MOVED.

Everything else will follow.

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  1. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Im just gonna copy and paste this one to my blog... pshhh...