Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fruity Ideas

I've been thinking about making a blog for a while--a long while. But I never did, until NOW. It was the kind of thought that just likes to sit...and sit...and sit...until it's ready to STAND. You know those kind? I have those thoughts a lot.

I have a lot of IDEAS. Ideas without action. I'm finding out that you can't decide when to put your ideas into action. You can't decide because they're not YOURS. 

Ideas are like fruits. They tell you when they're ready. If you eat fruits too early, they taste weird and you make funny faces because they're sour and they don't sit well in your belly and it just feels all kinds of awkward. And just because you THINK the fruit is ready does not change the fact that it's NOT. You can feel all kinds of awkward with your premature fruit but it doesn't change the fact that it's premature. Same thing with ideas. If you attack them too early because YOU think THEY are ready, it will feel weird and you'll make funny faces because there's so much fighting and struggle and it won't sit well with your belly and you'll just feel all kinds of awkward. The ideas themselves organically flow out of you and into action--when they're ready.

YOU have nothing to do with the process. Trees let their fruits BE until they're ready to be set free. (apparently I'm talking about apples or oranges or something, which doesn't surprise me since they're my favorite).  Let it flow and let it go. I'm starting to get that. 

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