Monday, February 14, 2011

You Are What You Feel

Emotions are funny things. Funny, stupid, annoying, exciting, beautiful THINGS. 

Things that have been attacking me ferociously lately. 

I've never been the type to think anything of feelings, but that seems to be my main focus lately. FEELING. And it makes so much sense. Because it's not just feeling emotions, it's feeling the Universe.

It's not even in the way of putting labels to it, it's more of like feeling the FEELING, whatever it may be is besides the point because that doesn't matter anyway. 

It's like trying to describe what it feels like if someone pokes doesn't hurt, it doesn't sting, it doesn't feel pleasurable, it's just there. And that's that. You feel it, notice it, and move on. Sometimes it's a really big poke and it takes you longer to move on, but nevertheless the process is just the same.

Noticing this within myself has been interesting because I find the more I notice and the more I FEEL, the CLEARER I become. Clearer in every part of my life. They become guides, rather than a "problem" because they turn into feelings that go beyond just my own human experience.

I've learned to EMBRACE these guides, because they Know better than my brain does. My brain doesn't Know anything quite frankly, it just thinks it does. It's been kicked out of the process actually. It's just become a dance between Feeling and the Universe.

It's like these little feelings are telling a story. Every feeling takes me to a new word, and then that word eventually makes a new sentence, and then that sentence eventually leads me to turn the page. 

It's a never ending book. 

That's being written through me....

minus the words.


  1. Are you kidding.. This isnt opposite of mine, its exactly the same. EXACTLY. Did you read mine first and get this karma? This is insane. WE are insane. Everything is insane. I love it.

  2. I think it kind of contradicts yours in a way...but I guess giving the same message. Is that even possible? I guess so since it happened. I have been feeling this for a while...remember when we were together once and I said "I feel like our sentences only begin with 'I feel like...'" lol. Yeah, this is where that came from.

    We are completely insane. I love it too.