Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bouncy Particles

I've been completely disengaged from school so far, and today, I decided today would be the start of getting my shit together.

So I was sitting in astronomy, looking up a camera I want since my Nikon D40 got stolen out of my dorm room...yeah, bummer...and then I realized I was so not getting my shit together.
Then I got a text from my friend...

"It starts today! lol" 
(she has a problem with excessively using "lol's" but then again, so do I. Along with the rest of the world because if we don't use an "lol," a text message might be taken too seriously because let's face it...do you really ever "laugh out loud?" Isn't that what "hahaha" is for? THAT'S how ridiculous we've become with technology. But I digress). 
She knows about my plans to get my shit together. (plans, HA!...like those even exist)

Anyway, that got me thinking about the word "starts." Do we really ever start anything? Or are we just shifting forms
It feels like I'm shifting. Not starting. And shifting in a BIG way.

How convenient that we were talking about energy and particles when I tuned into my class.

I realized that you never start anything, and you never end anything, because energy is what you are. And it's never born and it never dies. 

The energy of Who You Are shifts form moment to moment. You just have to follow it.

The energy you put into something is the energy you get out. 

Because you're nothing but a bunch of particles, reacting to the particles around you. Everything is just bouncing off everything else. Because it's all the same stuff. And it never stops.

It's an ever-changing process of moving and shifting and bouncing. 

It's like this:
Energy moving and flowing in all directions.

Not like this:
---> <----- ----> ----> 
It never starts, and it never ends. 

You just are.

You're here.

With everything else.
That's exactly like You.

And that's that.  


  1. Yes. I think 'and that's that' is your tag-line or something.
    I want to write it on you!! OMG. I want to paint it on you. YES.

  2. I was just thinking today that we need to have another paint party...it just feels right.